Memorizing Kanji

Memorizing kanji (Chinese characters) is probably the hardest part of learning Japanese. But I’ve found a few things that can make it easier. 1. When memorizing Kanji, memorize different parts and put them together. An example of this is Kori “ice” which is water and two dashes on top, or “Tokyo” which is a city plus a hill=capital city, and Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Presto! instant memorization.A book that really helps with this is 250 Essential Japanese Kanji Characters Volume 2 Revised Edition This book will teach you how to remember certain parts of Kanji, it is well worth the $20 price tag. 2. After hours of research I’ve found the perfect site for learning only Kanji www.readthekanji.com
They use a color coded algorithm combined with online flash cards to give you not only your strength for that word, but your strength for individual character as well as your strength for each set of characters. Access to the site for a year is about $40, but you can get a trial version including the JLPT 4 and hiragana & katakana flash cards for free.


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