Xbox 360 Controller Repair

Do any of the buttons on your Xbox-360 stick?, are they hard to press?, then fear not because….
Oh, never mind, here’s how you fix a sticky controller.
First you will need a Torx t-9 or t-8 security tipped screwdriver, see here for a explanation of Torx tips.
Although the t-9 is the better of the two, the t-8 is easier to find because the t-9 is exclusive to the 360.
Then you will need some isopropyl alcohol, which you can get at many department stores such as Wal-mart, K-mart, Meijer, etc.
First, remove the battery of the controller. There are 7 torx security screws that you need to remove from the controller to get it open. One below the battery pack, two in the bottom of the handles of the controller, two in the middle, and two on either side of the battery slot. The inside of the 360 controller(when you get it open) looks like the picture above. Remove the light-gray bottom plate, the circuit board (make sure you’re grounded for this part), and finally the rubber piece from the top of the malfunctioning button. 
Rub the isopropyl alcohol on the inside and the electrical contacts of the button that’s sticking and put your controller back together.
If you need any more help, see these instructions.


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