Halo 3 weapon tips

For all you Halo 3 fans out there, here are some tips for a few weapons…
Assault Rifle: If you both have assault rifles, and you’re pretty sure the opposing player started firing before you, the only chance you have is to go up and Melee attack(press the B button).
I t also works the other way, If you and your opponent started firing at the same time or you started firing first, stay away from them as much as possible and empty your assault rifle into them from a distance.
Sniper Rifle: When you have an opponent’s torso in your sights, just shoot!, don’t wait for a head shot, you have a better chance of getting two shots into their torso than one in their head.
Rocket Launcher: When most players see a rocket launcher in an opponent’s hand they start jumping, if you have the rocket launcher, aim for where you assume they will land.
If you are on the wrong end of the rocket launcher try zigzagging, it works better than jumping about 95% of the time.
Energy Sword: Only use the RT “Right trigger” when your opponent’s back is turned, for any other situation use the B button.
Battle Rifle: Use the battle rifle for medium range and always aim for the head, four battle rifle shots to the head is an instant kill(a battle rifle shot is three bullets)


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