We will never forget. This is an awesome tribute video.



The 976 number: Marketing gold

Gary Halbert talks about the power of the 976 number in marketing … http://www.thegaryhalbertletter.com/Newsletters/zhkj_976_numbers.htm


Hiding scratches on plastic watches

Using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover, rub over the face of the watch for a few seconds. VoilĂ ! Scratch disappears!


Facebook app bugs and solutions

I will be just one of the many voices complaining about the Facebook app, but if it was possible to give an app a half-star I would.
If I’d never heard of this before, I’d be impressed. It only crashes about half the time, and the chat feature works well except for deleting what the other person said. But this is FACEBOOK! the regular site, and even the mobile site, is top notch. How can they fail so badly? Before the last two updates, it worked quite well, it loaded faster, and it rarely, if ever, crashed. Below is the list of bugs I’ve encountered including any work-arounds or solutions I’ve found.
Bug#1 It deletes your chat history at random times and when you exit the app. Solution? eBuddy. Ebuddy is a free instant-messaging app that supports facebook and a whole bunch of other messaging services.
Bug#2 The news feed will randomly display lines instead of your news feed. I have not found a solution to this bug other than restarting the app. To do this; delete the app from running in the background. Google it if you are unsure how to do this.
Bug#3 random freezing. Facebook will randomly freeze and lock up your iPod or iPhone. Solution? Perform a soft reset. Hold the home button and the power button down for 6 seconds. Wait a few seconds after that, then hit the power button again until the apple symbol appears.
Bug#4 if Internet signal is weak, the app is unable to load news feed, inbox, or friends. No solution known other than get closer to the Internet signal.
Bug#5 If you select one of your pages as a favorite, and you choose to write a status update, you will sign it as yourself instead of the owner of the page. Solution? Go to friends and then pages, from there you can post a status update.
Bug#6 push notifications work, around half the time. The final bug is totally unacceptable. Even basic apps can get push notifications right! Solution? Check mobile site @ touch.facebook.com
I keep getting to add more bugs, this just gets better.
Bug#7 most chats received are doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled. Solution? Log out and back in to Facebook.


Undoing knots in chains

To undo a knot in a chain:
Apply a dairy cream, such as sour cream, to the chain.
Wait about a minute.
Begin to work the chain back and forth to undo the knot.
Undo the knot.
Treat yourself to some refreshment for a job well done.


Boiling cracked eggs

What do you do if you drop an egg in boiling water and it cracks? Add a dash of vinegar to the water, it’ll prevent the egg white from leaking into the water.

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